COVID Vaccinations: Please Don’t Call We Will Contact You

Our practice is being contacted by large numbers of people wanting to book an appointment to get a Covid-19 vaccination. All of our patients will be invited for their vaccination at the appropriate time, if you have not yet received an invitation, please do not ask us to make a booking for you, our staff will not be able do this.

Please be patient and wait for your invitation, everyone will be invited in due course, and the programme will go on for several months. Invitations are being made centrally and not via the practice at this time. We are not physically able to book appointments at present for our patients.

Patients will be invited based on the current Joint Committee on Vaccinations guidelines. The practice is not able to change or influence this. We have been getting many calls asking for certain patients to be prioritised for vaccination. We are afraid we do not have the ability or authority to do that so please do not phone the practice in this regard.