Children and Travel Abroad

We understand that some patients are asking their GPs for letters to provide to holiday companies, confirming that children do not need covid vaccinations, in order to allow children to travel abroad.

Providing such letters is not a contractual requirement of GPs who are currently, as I’m sure you will understand, under considerable pressure not just with their routine patients but also those with Covid-19 associated illness and the Covid vaccination programme.

At the time of writing, children are not currently included in the covid vaccination programme. Our recommendation is to advise patients to follow the national guidance for travel on the website.

For travel vaccination status and children in particular it currently says:


Children cannot get COVID-19 vaccination status, as children are not currently being vaccinated against COVID-19.

If you’re travelling abroad, you and any children you’re travelling with may need to show proof of a COVID-19 test, with or without a completed vaccination course.

See the GOV.UK foreign travel advice pages for guidance on the entry requirements of your intended destination country.

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