Booking Of Covid-19 Vaccinations: 70-74 year Olds (Inclusive)

Please note that we are now calling the next cohort of patients for Covid-19 vaccinations. These are the 70-74 year olds. If you are not in this cohort, please do not contact the medical centre requesting to be fast tracked.

Patients who have mobile phone numbers will receive a text from Watership Down Health. This text enables the patient to make a direct booking into the Covid Vaccination Hub at the Hampshire Court Hotel at Chineham.

Please help us to help you by making sure that we have up to date mobile and land line telephone numbers for you.

For those with no mobile phone number, we or the Call Handlers at the Covid Vaccination Hub will telephone all remaining patients.

As the number of venues to have Covid vaccinations increases, please do let us know if you have the vaccine or an appointment elsewhere. This is best done via our website.

After three attempts to call a patient, we will then write to the address that we have on file. If you have moved or are planning to get the vaccine elsewhere, then please let us know. All updates about your address and phone numbers is best done through our web site.

Please note that if you are outside this cohort and receive any suspicious texts, then please do not respond to them. The NHS vaccinations are free.

We have had a number of enquiries from patients who have started to receive letters from NHS England asking them to book an appointment through 119, Option 2. Please note that these will be invitations to what is known as one of the Mass or Local Vaccination centres. We do not get copies of these letters and your local medical centre is not able to book patients into one of the Mass or Local Vaccination centres. If you have any queries about the 119 service then you will need to call them.

We will continue to call the cohort that we have been advised to book into the Covid Vaccination Centre at the Hampshire Court Hotel, Chineham.