Infection, Prevention, Control Annual Statement


This annual statement will be generated each year.  It will summarise the following:

  • Any infections transmission incidents and action taken (these will be reported in accordance with our Significant Event Policy).
  • The annual infection prevention and control audit(s) and action(s).
  • Control risk assessments undertake.
  • Details of staff training (both part of induction and annual training) with regards to Infection prevention and control.
  • Details of infection control advice to Patient.
  • Any review and update of policies, procedures and guidelines.


Watership Down Health Leads for infection prevention and control are:

1 GP Partner, 2 Practice Nurses and 2 Practice Managers.

The team is kept up to date with infection prevention and control and share necessary information with staff and patients throughout the year.

Significant Events Relating To Infection Prevention And Control

In the past year (January to December 2019) there have been no reported significant events raised that related to infection control.


All audits are on-going and completed at regular intervals. All sites completed a detailed and specific decontamination audit and action plan.

Staff Training

All staff complete an annual infection prevention and control training, either face to face training or via e-learning.

The infection prevention and control lead nurse attends 6 monthly links meeting with the IPC Lead at the CCG and cascades the information to all relevant staff at regular intervals.

Risk Assessments

Regular risk assessment are undertaken to minimise the risk of infection and to ensure the safety of patients and staff.  Risk assessments related to infection control has been completed in the past year and appropriate actions have been taken

Cleaning Specification, Frequencies And Cleanliness Of Equipment

It is the responsibility of each clinician to clean treatment areas/GP rooms and equipment between patients.


Disposable modesty curtains are used in all clinical rooms and are changed on a rolling regular basis.


All patient /clinical areas have laid vinyl floor which is easy wipeable for any spillages etc.


All furniture in patients’ areas is made of easily cleanable substance and again wipeable in case of any spillages or bloodily fluid.

Infection Prevention Control Advice To Patients

The practice encourages all patients to use the alcohol hand gel/sanitiser dispensers that are available through the surgeries, within waiting rooms and when entering and leaving the building.

Patients who are thought to have an infection that may be contagious i.e. chickenpox are asked to wait in a designated isolation room rather than the main waiting room.

There have been no reported cases of MRSA acquired in the practice.

There are leaflets / posters available within the surgery or on our practice’s website on any relevant disease outbreaks including:

  • Measles
  • Pneumococcal vaccinations
  • HPV
  • Whooping cough and pregnancy
  • Meningitis and septicaemia vaccinations
  • Hepatitis B
  • MRSA
  • Chicken pox and shingles
  • The importance of immunisations (g. in childhood and in preparation for overseas travel)
  • Influenza
  • Sepsis

Policies, Procedures And Guidelines

The practice has a comprehensive infection prevention and control policy which is reviewed every six month and in line with national and local guidance changes.