The visiting midwives are:

  • Julie Gee (Kingsclere)
  • Vicky Brennan (Overton and Oakley)

Both midwives are based at Andover War Memorial Maternity Centre based in Andover, Hampshire.

Telephone number 01264 352517.

A new way for you to register for maternity care at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. You don’t need to contact your GP – we will do that for you. View the HHFT Self Referral Poster for more information.

Please see the antenatal schedule.

Labour line 0300 123 9001 (24hours).

If you would like to know more about a specific condition, procedure or would like to book antenatal classes or a tour of any of our hospitals please visit our Trust’s Website.

Useful Telephone Numbers

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (HHFT)

HHFT is committed to providing the highest standard of care to support expectant and new mothers and their partners to feed their babies and build strong and loving parents – infant relationships.  To help prepare you for your pregnancy, birth and beyond, here are some recommended and approved resources:

Birth Reflections

Would like to talk through your birth experience? Do also have you have unanswered questions which you have not been able to get answered by your Community Midwife, Health Visitor or GP? Would you like an opportunity to talk these through with a birth reflections midwife? Does your partner have unanswered questions they would like to discuss along with you?

If so, please contact Georgina Glithero at the Maternity Centre on 01264 352517 or 07795 316234.

When your notes have been received at the Maternity Centre you will be telephoned and an appointment booked.