Health and Wellbeing Coaching

What is Health and Wellbeing Coaching?

Jo Potz-Rayner
Health & Wellbeing Coach

What is Health and Wellbeing coaching?

Health Coaching is a service offered to help create lasting change to improve a person’s well-being and overall health.

It is a weekly/biweekly series of 45 minute sessions, usually 5 in total with a follow up session after 1 month and 6 months, designed to work through lifestyle changes, develop the skills and take control of your own health.

Health coaching is not about giving advice on how to improve your health.

People often have already received advice on how to make healthy changes in their life. They already know what changes to make, but circumstances make these changes difficult to start or keep up.

That’s where health coaching comes in. It helps to increase motivation, introduce healthy behaviours, and develop ways of living a healthier life in a way that works for you.

What can I help with?

Lowering weight

You may want to lower your weight due to health concerns or simply to feel more comfortable in your body. I will work with you to explore ideas, plan and put into action changes that are realistic and long lasting.

Healthier diet

A healthier diet can help manage health conditions and reduce the risk of future ill health. We work together to identify the reasons are behind a less healthy diet and find healthier alternatives.

More active lifestyle/exercise

Increasing activity can help improve quality of life, health, and wellbeing. However this can be difficult if you have a sedentary job, mobility issues or simply do not like physical activity. Health coaching helps you to look at increasing activity in your life in a way that suits them.

Reducing stress and low mood

Physical and mental health is interlinked, and difficulty in one area can often have an impact on the other. I can help you identify tools and activities which may help to improve your psychological well-being.

Managing Health Conditions (Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke, Hypertension)

Lifestyle can have a dramatic impact on pre-existing health conditions. People who have received health advice for a condition but struggle to integrate this into their lives may benefit from health coaching.

What is the structure?

Sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual but this is a typical example of what a health coaching session may look like.

Session 1

Getting to know you, what is important to you and what you would like to achieve. What supports and challenges you have in your life.

Session 2

Review the last session. What worked and what got in your way. Identify your motivators and benefits of making the changes.

Session 3

Review last session, Building confidence and resilience.

Session 4

Looking at what can trigger relapses in behaviour and planning for relapse.

Session 5

Session following a month of independent behaviour management, discussing what went well and what was difficult.

Session 6

1 month follow-up to see what has worked for you, and discuss plans going forward.

Session 7

6 month follow-up to see what has worked for you, and discuss plans going forward.

How do I access Coaching?

Ask your GP or Nurse for a referral. A Coach will then call to have an initial chat. If you don’t wish to proceed, that’s ok, but if you feel coaching will be helpful, we’ll arrange your first appointment.